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Paddock to Plate, from our farm to our hotel restaurants. Our bulls are highly accredited and purchased from the highest ranking wagyu studs, their working life last about seven years.


The female portion of the herd is also purchased from the angus studs. This union results in a first cross wagyu/angus beast. This steak inherits the marbling properties of the wagyu plus the unique taste of grass fed angus resulting in a tender mouth watering steak.


The cattle are processed at Cowra abattoirs then sent to Sydney where they are processed and aged for up to sixty days then served at our hotel restaurants.

Our Baroola Beef

Bill Young and staff strive to provide a unique and exceptionally enjoyable dining experience that especially caters for meat lovers in a friendly and relaxed environment. On offer, when available we serve up Wagyu cross steaks from Bill Young Seniors own farm for you to enjoy. It has a taste you must try to believe.


Baroola Cattle station

Baroola is Bill Young seniors’ cattle property at Canowindra, an historic township near Cowra in the NSW central west. The property breeds Angus and Wagyu cross steers for the feedlot industry which are mostly raised for export. Bill Senior is a fourth generation farmer originally from ‘Brooklyn’ a property near Tomingley from over 100 years ago. Bill chooses the Wagyu at his station for it’s predisposition to intense marbling which gives fantastic flavour and produces a higher percentage of unsaturated fat than any other breed of cattle in the world. He currently breeds Angus and wagyu cross Angus as his choice of steer.


Choice Cuts

CERTIFIED AUST. ANGUS BEEF Our cuts are Black Angus steers, raised on nutritionally balanced high-energy feeds resulting in an export quality product graded from the top 1% of Australian Beef. They are finished on 150 days grain fed to provide consistently high eating quality.


Baroola Signature Cut

The Palace’s first choice is the publican’s selection of cut on offer to you. Steaks are wholly breed and raised at Baroola and are subject to availability. They are Wagyu cross Angus steers, which have superior marbling, perfect tenderness, texture, colour and taste. We suggest for you to try all Baroola signature cuts as they are offered up, we believe they will give you a heightened experience of the great cuts our menu offers. Judge for yourself! The publican ‘steaks’ his reputation on it.

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